CAD - Design on 2D and 3D System Autodesk Inventor
- Industrial automation - handling systems
- Industrial techniques - conveyor technology
- Robotics techniques, gripper techniques
- Radio controlled car systems
- Maintenance 3D design
- Heavy duty trucks and carriage cars
- Feed control systems
- Sensor techniques
- Gadget design
- Design for woodworking machines
- Automatic placement machine
- Progress and cycle time optimizing
- Plant engineering, flow chart design
- Cryogenic systems, pressure vessels
- Ultra high vacuum insulated vessels
- Stainless steel and GFK (G10) pressure vessels
- Deep temperature fluid techniques
- Super insulation structures
- Tritium and Deuterium test equipment
- Liquid Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen cooler
- Analysis with Finite element method (FEM).
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