High speed gripper techniques ­· pneumatic and
electromechanical units ­· optical visualizing
sensory control systems
position tolerances down to ± 5 µm ­· 5 axle moves
Automatically feed,
sensory uses
Wood machinery,
continued processes
Conveyor technology
(palletizer, sorter), handcraft workplaces
Robotics techniques,
units for robotic arms
Lift-tipping machines for containers DIN 30700
Model for a heavy duty carriage car (scale 1:5):
4-axis steered, weight distribution on 5-axis, lifting capacity 180 kN (18 tons).
Real dimensions: 6000x2450x450mm,
Towing ring DIN 74054.
Point symmetrically rotating steering geometric.
Own weight: 1900 kg
Wireless controlled trawler cars for airports:
Drift voltage 24 VDC, impulse controlled, staples steering, power 1000 W, speed 3,3 mph.
Dimensions: (wxdxh) 1200 x 600 x 600 mm,
steering radius 1000 mm.
Wireless control system allowed for class 3 human usage.
Battery operating time 8-10 h.
Emergency stop controlled.
Sensorical speed stop via ultrasound techniques.
Self pressing garbage container.
Pressing force 250 kN (25 tons), hydraulically powered, electromechanical and aeromechanical operating.
Heavy duty carriage car:
Lifting capacity 180 kN (18 tons).
Towing ring DIN 74054 for stapler and trucks.
Polyurethane wheels.
Own weight: 1900 kg
Barrel handling system.
For lifting barrels up to 200 kg.
For lifting and tipping.
Electrical drift 12 VDC,
remote controlled.
Off grid usage (no connection to the stapler).
Plant engineering, flow chart design.
Cryogenic systems, pressure vessels.
Ultra high vacuum insulated vessels.
Cold boxes, helium cooling systems.
Ultra high vacuum insulation systems.
Heat transport technique.
Container carriage cars for airport cargo systems.
International completion manager in plant and process engineering.
Design and development of wood and root saw machines
Wooden Bandsaw with wide dimansions: Throat depth = 16". Hight under Guide = 17"